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Profile of Dignitaries and Speakers

Mr. Bruno Roelants, Director General of ICA

Mr. Bruno Roelants was appointed as Director General of ICA in April 2018.  He has been with the Alliance since 2002. Under his leadership CICOPA has increased its membership from 18 to 32 countries. He has been involved in the co-operative movement for over 30 years. Mr. Roelants has also been the Secretary General of the regional organisation, CECOP CICOPA-Europe, since 2006. As part of his role, he has worked on development projects in China, India, and Eastern Europe. In 2002 he coordinated the co-operative movement’s negotiating group on the ILO Recommendation 193 on the Promotion of Cooperatives. He holds a master’s degree in Labour Studies and has taught courses on co-operatives in Italy. A co-author of Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs (2011) and Capital and the Debt Trap – Learning from Cooperatives in the Global Crisis (2013), Mr. Roelants has also led the report Cooperative Growth for the 21st Century (2013).

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